6 Website Design Practices to Implement for 2022

Website design Practices

1. Make Sure That Your Website is attractive and has a clean look

It is vital that your website draws attention to viewers, is pleasing on the eye and contains content that is not overwhelming and crammed. To do this, create a visual hierarchy. This means that you should place all the design elements of a website on a web page from most important to least important. Eg. A large colourful heading will be at the top as it immediately draws attention and tells the user what the webpage is about. Another thing to do when creating a clean look is to use white space effectively.

Website design Practices

2. Use CTAs (Call to actions) effectively

CTAs drive your customers to make a purchase or get in touch. Make sure what’s being offered is immediately clear, potential objections are addressed and your CTAs are bold, colourful and in a visible and obvious location.

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4. Intuitive Navigation

Your website should provide solutions to problems and allow users to be easily directed to these solutions through easy steps or buttons. You could do this by using clear, simple language, have minimal but useful links, use “breadcrumbs” so that a user can track and/or return to a previous page if need be. Intuitive navigation not only creates a clear path, but it also make your website more enjoyable.

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5. SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

SEOs help your website to achieve more visibility, they help you get a high ranking on Google and other search engines and therefore they also reduce your marketing costs. Using target keywords throughout your website is a great way to start. The higher the quality of your content and the more relevant it is, the more organic traffic you will gain. You can improve your SEOs by having a responsive website design, having a relevant header tag (H1), having proper title tags and meta descriptions as well as using short descriptive URLs.

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6. Accessibility

This means that your website needs to be designed ergonomically and must be able to be used by people who have disabilities. You can do this by using contrasting colours and visual cues such as text and alt labels for the visually impaired and also by supporting keyboard navigation by allowing the using to scroll through your website by using the “tab” button on the keyboard.

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