How To Edit Your Website Using The Profit Builder Theme and Plugin

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The most obvious question you might have is: how do you edit your website using Profit Builder 2.0 This is where you can make the most of its many features. The Profit Builder system provides a wide variety of high-converting templates that you can use to create beautiful landing pages. These pages can be made to look stunning on any device by adjusting the settings.

As well as you can quickly create your designs or alter pre-existing templates from the WP Profit Builder 2.0 library with a drag and drop feature that works with any WordPress website. The good part is you can accomplish all of this and more without any prior knowledge of coding. Here are some quick tips to get you started and a video of our tutorial own project landing page using profit builder.

This is an example of a landing page we made with Profit Builder. To edit the page, log in to WordPress to see the back end of the page. The easiest way to edit on the frontend of the profit builder is by clicking F5, along which you can see the top bar of the icons. To edit directly, click the icon of profit builder the gold diamond in shape. Click the column by clicking the pencil icon, and you can find it on the right side, where you can add and change the content. Same with replacing the image with a new one from the gallery or uploading a new image. Add new buttons or columns, click the plus sign, choose an element or shortcode features, and just drag the chosen element you want to place on the template.

About images and content columns or rows you want to delete, click the trash bin icon element on the feature. To save all the changes you made on the page, simply click the floppy disk icon on the left top side, and it will automatically save the live frontend page. Further a quick demo on how to edit your website using profit builder by Web Design and Hosting Youtube video below.

Furthermore, with the help of the WordPress plugin WP Profit Builder, you can quickly and easily create a wide variety of marketing pages. It has tons of unique features, is reasonably priced, and is surprisingly simple to use.